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About the Art of

Thom Millsap

Thom's representational style art is inspired by tropical villages, beaches, and gardens. Thom's fine art is vivid and joyful - his love of color is evident and his enthusiastic personality is reflected in each vibrant stroke of his brush!


Spontaneity, action and the beauty of the moment is what I strive for whenever my brush touches the canvas. When I put one mark down on the canvas, it activates the surface and I have to put another mark somewhere else to counter balance that activity. It is that process of energy, one mark after another, until the composition becomes a whole. It is a peak experience to paint and to do it right. The purpose of my day is to work with the highest intention to create the purest beauty for all. Through the radiance of color and the strength of the line, I reveal the beauty and truth of my reality. Inspiration for paintings is a diverse montage of my travels…the flowers on a table may be from a hotel in Spain, the vase from a shop in London, the rocking chairs from a house on Cape Cod and the landscape appearing thru a window might have been inspired by the Florida Keys. Exhibiting nationally and painting professionally for over twenty years, I am always in pursuit of beauty and truth.

Thom and Jane are both Artists working together in their Art Gallery. They are normally at their Gallery working Monday through Friday [ 2377 Linwood Avenue, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34112 ] unless they have art shows to participate in. They have Original paintings, prints, home decor gift items, fashion, and MUCH MORE. 

Visit Jane (my wife), she does Art on Fashion with her pointillism artwork at ArtMosaicFashion.com 

  • If you like what you see on our website, you will love our Art Gallery!